Jesus Christ is the best disciplemaker ever!

As I train leaders and continue to write on this blog – it’s my passion to see every believer aligned with Jesus’ mission and following his strategy of making disciples who make disciples.

Acts 13 begins with the Holy Spirit sending Barnabas and Saul on a disciplemaking mission. Verse 4 says, “being sent out by the Holy Spirit, they went down to Seleucia and from their they sailed to Cyprus.”

Tonight I had the opportunity to speak on Disciples Making Disciples at the CRM ChurchNext Staff Conference. It was a a wonderful opportunity to share my belief and passion that every believer is sent by Jesus to make disciples who make disciples.

It is in the very being of God that the basis for the missionary enterprise is found. God is a sending God, with a desire to see humankind and creation reconciled, redeemed, and healed. The missional church, then, is a sent church. It is a going church, a movement of God through his people, sent to bring healing to a broken world.

I arrived in Denver around 11am yesterday and headed straight to Eaton Days where High Plains Harvest Church had set up a booth. During the summer, these followers of Jesus have a presence in a variety of local town summer festivals.

I had a phone call yesterday with my friend Paul Madson. Paul and I both planted churches in 1990. I was in Castaic, California planting Lake Hills Community Church. Paul was in Peoria, Arizona planting New Life Community Church. Both of us were blessed to be part of the Missionary Church Western District.

I experienced coach mentoring as I began to coach church planters and it helped me focus on developing my competency as a coach.

My friend Larry Barker, Director of Church Planting for BMAA, is committed to training church planting pastors to start churches by making disciples. We’ve partnered together to deliver The Multiplication Workshop 3-day training and he’s now delivering the training via webcam to leaders in the Philippines.