Almost everyone who has started something new—especially planting a church or launching a different type of ministry—deals with the tensions of expectations.

Patience has rarely been a defining attribute for church planters. I’m speaking, of course, about “friends” I’ve known who are church planters…never, not me, nope. Anyway…

Today's Highlight: Authenticity |

I’ve had the amazing privilege to work with a great group of leaders for the past two days. At the end of each day we take turns sharing our highlights of each day over an amazing meal together around a full table. It was a blessing to hear each person share from the heart something that was meaningful to them from our day’s activities.

On Starting Church Planting Movements |

Here’s a good video to watch to get an understanding of Church Planting Movements – posted by Act Beyond. ( – Thanks +Kirk Anderson for sharing this with me.
CPM Principles
Here are a few of the statements that you should really ponder:

Cultivating Movements |

It’s great to be in Southern California for a new project! I’m launching a Missional Movement Leaders Network this month with the Missionary Church Western Region. The focus of this network is to partner together toward the advancement of disciplemaking and church planting movements.

There are a lot of advantages to not being well known when you are starting a new church. You have a lot of freedom to experiment and take risks. Fried and Hansson describe the benefits of obscurity in their book Rework. I think their points are well applied to church planters.

When I work with church planters it seems they want to talk about the vision that God’s given them to plant a church.

The Missional Journey book |

There are plenty of books about discipleship and about Christian living. Likewise, there are plenty of books about the church, about leading groups, and even about church planting. There are very few books that are about all of these things—and how the pieces fit together.

Many years ago I was challenged by this quote:

[featured_image]My mentor Bob Logan has written a fabulous series of posts on his blog – Logan Leadership – on the relationship between church planting and making disciples. I would urge you to not only read it, but to take appropriate action!