Do You Need a New Vision? |

A few years ago when I was pastor of Lake Hills Church, my wife said to me, “You need a new vision for our church.”

Here are some great questions from my friend Steve Ogne to ask before you get started…

Whether you are a church planter, or married to a church planter, or a team member, or a sponsoring/sending church, please share the questions you were asking when you got started.

In 1998, Lake Forest Church in Charlotte, NC began meeting in a bowling alley. After that, they met under a disco ball at a rollerskating rink and on a basketball court before moving into a permanent site on Easter Sunday 2006.

Church planters are too often driven by the calendar rather than milestones.

Today I was part of a conversation where we discussed closing a church.

Asking (and answering) the right questions will help you get started in the right direction. There are a lot of helpful questions to ask before planting a church. It’s important to count the cost before launching into such a challenging and rewarding ministry.

Many church planters and pastors struggle with maintaining a healthy work ethic, especially when they are the only “employee” of the church and their board or supervisor provides minimal supervision.

Jesus Never Planted Churches |

Jesus was a disciplemaker. He never planted churches. That was not His focus. That’s not why He came.

Regardless of what your church worship gatherings may look like, the principles of making disciples who make disciples are the same. Believers must commit themselves to both GATHERING and SCATTERING.