[featured_image]Neil Cole, author of Organic Church and founder of Church Multiplication Associates, shared his perspective with me yesterday on the absence of movements in America. He observes that the church often gets in the way. The problem stems from consumer Christians who are willing to sit and soak and let the pastor serve them, instead of getting involved themselves. He asserts, “People in the pews are irresponsible, and pastors let them stay that way.” Codependent pastors allow dysfunctional churches to exist. This prevents missional movements from ever starting.

Neil also recognizes that movements are more likely to happen overseas because of liminality. In many countries around the world there is a great struggle for Christians (including persecution) that purifies what it means to be a Christian. In the midst of that struggle, authentic followers of Jesus emerge that more naturally embody the mission and message of Jesus. They multiply disciples because that is the essence of following Jesus. The climate of prosperity in America and the lack of struggle or persecution has created an impure church where disciplemaking is often ignored or deferred to paid professionals.

Here’s the reality: Missional multiplication movements are not happening in North America. One of the biggest contributing factors is that too many Christians neglect the mission of Jesus and don’t really care that people around them are going to hell. Until Christians embody the mission and message of Jesus, there will not be any movements toward Christ in America.

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