Reducing Body Fat (Part 1) |

Yesterday I entered the Golds Gym Challenge at our local Golds in Issaquah. It’s an opportunity to “transform your body in just 12 weeks.”
The first step was to take “before” photos and weigh in and be measured. The most interesting measurement to me was my percentage of body fat.

Daily Routine |

I love blogging. I love reading blogs. I hope you do too.

It’s my aim to blog for another 404 days in a row – although I’m prepared to schedule some of my posts in advance. It’s time to stop posting in the dark after midnight. It’s time to start falling asleep when we turn out the lights.

Most Viewed Posts: February 2013 |

February posts on focused on church planting, harvesting, Bible storying, meeting needs, engaging the culture, and prayer.

Missional Challenge began in 2006 with a commitment to challenge believers to align their lives with the mission of Jesus. For the past six years, we have remained faithful to this calling as we assess, train and coach leaders across America and beyond.

As we get ready to change our clocks this weekend – it’s time to reflect on another month of blog posts.

I have identified 20 points of contact where I can be communicating through my life and ministry.

Best Posts of August 2012 |

Summer is almost over! Here are the top posts for August…

I’ve been tweeting off and on for awhile now. I don’t have a big following so far – about 800 or so people. And I’m approaching about 2,000 tweets now.

700 Blog Posts! |

This is my 700th Blog Post!