Start Multiplying Disciples |

Jesus sent His disciples to make disciples to make disciples to make disciples!
However, many followers of Jesus have never actually made a disciple and don’t know how to make disciples.

Today's Highlight: Authenticity |

I’ve had the amazing privilege to work with a great group of leaders for the past two days. At the end of each day we take turns sharing our highlights of each day over an amazing meal together around a full table. It was a blessing to hear each person share from the heart something that was meaningful to them from our day’s activities.

Cultivating Movements |

It’s great to be in Southern California for a new project! I’m launching a Missional Movement Leaders Network this month with the Missionary Church Western Region. The focus of this network is to partner together toward the advancement of disciplemaking and church planting movements.

Last year I enjoyed the opportunity to train supervisors and managers in a 3-day Coaching Workshop. At the end of the training we spent one of our final sessions discussing ways to advance a coaching culture within their organization.

How do you learn how to do anything? You learn by doing.

Every training event, conference, activity, workshop, seminar, course, session, module, and class has specific training outcomes. Even if you don’t announce the intended outcomes prior to beginning the training, those outcomes will be evident throughout the training.

I just completed three days of training pastors and church planters with Ken Priddy in Charlotte, NC through The Multiplication Workshop. The training was built around The Multiplication Cycle™and emphasized the importance of starting churches by making disciples.

My colleague Bob Rasmussen has developed a ten week course about building bridges of friendship and ministry for Christ called Ministry in a Multi-Cultural World.

My good friend Jeff Getz is offering an amazing opportunity to prayer walk through New York City and capture God’s heart for the nations!

What steps will you take to ensure that action plans and learnings from a training event will actually be implemented?