The focus of the conference is on the shifts and changes that are occurring or need to occur in the church, leadership, ministry and the world around us.

In his book Shaped by God’s Heart, Milfred Manetrea talks about the need to become a new kind of church. He believes that churches must rediscover their reason to exist:

To reach those around you with the gospel, you need to exegete the culture. You need to understand their worldview, their view of Christianity, and how to communicate the gospel in a way that is understandable to them.

Every need, whether it is a physical need for food or a spiritual need for food, must be exposed and seen. That’s the responsibility of every spiritual leader. Need is everywhere, yet somehow we have conditioned our eyes not to see it. We see problems. We see things to avoid. We see things that aren’t right; but when we don’t see them as needs, we’re less likely to realize we are the ones who should do something about it.

Understanding the people that God has called you to reach is a necessary part of the process of engaging in the mission of Jesus!

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Traditional training for church planters often focuses on preparing to launch worship services to hopefully make disciples. But what if church planters and their teams focused on making disciples who make disciples first – even before starting worship services?

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“If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them wanders away, what will he do? Won’t he leave the ninety-nine others on the hills and go out to search for the one that is lost?”

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Three years ago today on March 4, 2008 I posted: The Challenge of Engaging the Culture.

In yesterday’s post, I pointed out how Pemco Insurance had creatively identified the uniqueness of those who live in the Pacific Northwest — see Pemco: Understanding the Culture (part 1).

As a missionary in your own zip code, it’s important to understand those in the culture around you. How do you do that? …Seek to be a learner.