The Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is an effective process for multiplying disciples who make disciples. If you are looking for a simple, transferable method that will lead to loving obedience and spiritual reproduction, I highly recommend you consider starting a Discovery Bible Study.

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a training event in Colorado with David Watson and he introduced this simple disciplemaking engine. Since then, I’ve trained dozens of pastors and church planters how to start making disciples who make disciples using the DBS.

Here’s a simple illustration of how it works…

  1. Start with a Person of Peace (Luke 10:6) – and his/her extended relational network.
  2. Seek to lead a person/family/group to discover God and His salvation.
  3. The Scripture is the authority. Lead a simple inductive Bible Study each week.

Group Interaction

Ask: What are you thankful for this week?

Ask: What needs do you or others have?

Ask: How can we help meet the needs expressed?


Ask: With whom did you share last week’s lesson?

Ask: How did you apply what you learned last week?

Bible Study

Read the Scripture Text

Let others take turns restating the Text.

Ask: What does this passage teach us about God?

Ask: If this is true, how would we have to obey?

Ask: With whom do you plan to share what you just learned?

For pre-believers you will start with Creation and work through the Bible to Christ, focusing on the attributes of God.

For new believers you will start with commands of Christ.

The great thing about using the Discovery Bible Study is that it has a great “teaching to obey” mechanism. By asking each person how they intend to obey each week, and following up the next week by asking how they applied what they learned, you are reinforcing the importance of doing what the Bible says!

  • Keep discussion focused on Scripture
  • Don’t introduce outside materials
  • Everyone must answer what must change in their lives to obey
  • Focus on specific action
  • Everyone identifies someone who needs to hear what God has said to the group
  • Keep it simple, practical and transferable

Today’s Missional Challenge

Try using the Discovery Bible Study with a small group of non-Christians to study and apply the truth of Scripture.