5 Ideas for Parent Churches |

My children are now in their twenties. I love the ways that our relationship has changed over the past 20+ years. And I love being their dad. My role has changed – but I will always be my kid’s dad. What a blessing!

Greg VanderMeer: Fair Haven Church
Followers of Jesus need to know the answer to this question.
Followers of Jesus need to live out the mission of the church.

Guest Post by Dr. Dan Riemenschneider

Guest Post by Dr. Dan Riemenschneider

The church is not the end. We need to understand that the church is the means to get to the end goal.

Today I was part of a conversation where we discussed closing a church.

My daughter sent me a text message this morning that made me smiled. She wrote:

Today I returned from a trip to Charlotte. While I flew across the country I reflected on some similarities between church members and airline passengers.

I was intrigued by a recent post I read by Seth Godin. He writes…

The Primary Work of the Church Is NOT on Sundays |

I used to think that it was all about Sunday. I don’t think this any more. The weekend worship service is not the primary work of the church. How can it be when most of the “church” is sitting on seats not doing any work at all?