I’ve been part of many teams over my lifetime. I’ve been on sports teams, gospel teams, evangelism teams, mission teams, leadership teams, and the list goes on. I’ve also been part of groups that call themselves a team but don’t actually team up to do anything as a team. If you’ve ever been on a team that was a team in name only, you know how frustrating it can be. Teams need to team together!

I need to trust my clients – and I need to be trusted by my clients.

“Prayer establishes DNA faster and betterthan any other exercise you can do as a team.”How are you praying together?When are you praying together?

As I coached with a church planter today, I got excited about his progress! Over the past several months they’ve completed an Alpha course with several non-beleivers and they are preparing to launch another one next month. They’ve held several preview services and they are planning their move to weekly worship soon. They’ve had a baptism, several prayer walks in the community, and a recent prayer retreat. They’ve also established clear goals and expectations for this fall season!

My best friend in high school was Paul Kaak. Today, August 10, is Paul’s birthday. (Happy Birthday Paul!)

A couple of years ago my One Challenge USA team took a retreat together for a few days. Our colleague from Outreach Canada, Alan Simpson, facilitated our time together. I was so grateful for the time that Alan invested in preparing for the retreat.

If you are leading a team, whether in a ministry or mission context, your team expects you to lead.

Church Planting Insight #1 |

When starting a church over twenty years ago, if I was told this one time, I was told it ten times:

How can church planters help those who want to join in planting a church to get on the same page?

Whether you are reaching a community, planting a church, or discipling a neighborhood, developing a Missional Team must be a priority!