What is the Missional Challenge?

Aligning Every Believer with the Redemptive Mission of Jesus!

Many Christians in America don’t understand the mission of the church. They view buildings as the “church” and invite people to come to their church building. They “entrust” the true mission of the church to trained professionals who leave their own culture to reach those in another culture with the gospel.

The Missional Challenge is…

  • to seize Christ’s mission as your own!
  • to repeatedly give every man, woman, and child in your neighborhood the opportunity to hear and understand the good news of Jesus Christ!
  • to incarnate the gospel wherever you are!
  • to be Jesus to everyone around you!
  • to exegete the culture in order to communicate the gospel effectively!
  • to embody the mission and message of Jesus in your life!
  • to plant the gospel in the culture!
  • to demonstrate and declare your hope in Jesus everywhere!
  • to multiply disciples who multiply disciples who multiply disciples!
  • to proclaim the never-changing gospel message to an ever-changing cultural audience!
  • to establish relationships with unbelievers and influence them towards a saving relationship with Christ and His Church!
  • to embrace a commitment to reach a specific geographic area with the reconciling love of Jesus!
  • to intentionally focus your personal activities and resources toward redemptive relationships!
  • to motivate and mobilize other Christians to join in the mission of Jesus!
  • to orient everything you are doing around the agenda of Christ’s redemptive mission!