You won’t know the real story of your life until you live it.
Since you read this blog, you are a strategic thinker. You want your life and ministry to count. You value results. You desire impact.
But your truest impact will not come from any of your plans. Your truest impact is that which God chooses to display in and through you and your family.

Have you ever written a Psalm? Yesterday as I was reflecting on Psalm 111, I determined to write out my own psalm. I started with the same opening and closing lines. I simply tried to express my heart to God in response to His love and grace in my life. Since it was October 2 – I am calling it Psalm 10/02.

Praise the Lord!

Two questions I try to reflect on every day:
What do I need to repent of?
What do I need to repeat?

Hugh writes in the introduction: Here’s the deal. People are not looking for doctrine. They’re looking for a God with skin on, a God they can know, speak with, learn from, struggle with, be honest with, get straight answers from, and connect their lives to.

Don't Give Up (Seattle Seahawks - World Champions) |

I loved watching the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl. I loved watching the parade through the streets of Seattle a few days later.

Reducing Body Fat (Part 1) |

Yesterday I entered the Golds Gym Challenge at our local Golds in Issaquah. It’s an opportunity to “transform your body in just 12 weeks.”
The first step was to take “before” photos and weigh in and be measured. The most interesting measurement to me was my percentage of body fat.

Everything is Possible |

Recently I was encouraged by these words of Jesus in Mark 9:23:
“Everything is possible for one who believers.”
What are you believing that God can do in your life this year?

Have you ever considered choosing one single word to describe your expectation for a whole year? A few years ago I chose the word Joy. I wanted my year to be characterized by Joy. Today as I attended a meeting of coaches on the Eastside in Redmond, several coaches shared their words for this year.

99 Powerful Questions |

Have you ever wanted to write a book?

How often do you reflect on your life, goals, and progress?