We Assess Multipliers

Missional Challenge is Committed to Church Plants that Thrive

We know that Church Planters who have been thoroughly assessed will have a higher degree of success and long-term sustainability.

Church planting is very different than leading an existing church. While many of the skills do overlap, the skill set and profile of successful church planters is very specific. The 13 Church Planter Characteristics were identified and field tested by Dr. Charles Ridley when he taught at Indiana University in the 90s, and later refined when he was at the Graduate School of Psychology and Fuller Theological Seminary. We utilize these in our assessment process for potential church planters.

Some studies indicate that the first-year failure rate of new church plants is as high as 70 percent. Missional Challenge desires to be a champion for your success. So whether you are a denominational leader focused on a church planting movement, a local church leader, or an individual pastor who is ready to plant a church, we encourage you to contact us about a Church Planter Assessment that will help ensure the long-term success of your project.

“The energy and enthusiasm about Church Planting in North America is at an unprecedented high. The proper preparation… and partnerships… make a dramatic difference in the wellbeing, self-image, and potential of the planter and the church plant.”

– The State of Church Planting Report by Ed Stetzer and Warren Bird

Why is a good assessment important?

  •  It offers objective confirmation to the church planter of his calling, strengths and weaknesses.
  •  It helps a coach know how to best help the church planter.
  •  It provides confirmation to the mother church that the church planter is worth supporting.

— Dr. Dave Earley

The Details: What does the Assessment Package include?

  • The assessment includes:
    • One-day assessment interview that lasts from about 8am-4pm with a break for lunch
    • A 15-page assessment report
    • A followup consultation with the lead assessor


“…our assessment really exposed those key areas in ministry that brought insight into our decision about church planting. It was very personal, fun and comfortable and my wife was pleasantly surprised by that.”

~ Planters Travis and Jyll Mullen

“An invaluable resource for our church planting decisions for over 16 years. Commitment to funding and approval of a planter is made only after having received the assessment results.”

~ Mike Livingston, Former Regional Director, Missionary Church Western Region

“The assessment helps good planters become better planters by revealing their strengths and limitations. This information helps the planter build their team around what they have discovered about themselves. Research continues to demonstrate that consistent patterns of behavior in the past are the best predictors of future behavior. That’s why a behavioral interview acts as the foundation of any strong assessment process.”

~ Bob Logan, Executive Director, Logan Leadership

“A good assessment protects the emotional well being of the church planter and their family, clarifies and empowers the calling of the church planter, and will help eliminate bias, blindness and favoritism [on the part of the sending body, church or denomination].”

~ Steve Ogne, Church Planting Consultant

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