Journey Guide: Engaging Culture |

In The Missional Journey by Bog Logan, I had the privilege of contributing my “commentary” as well as compiling Journey Guides at the end of each chapter to help groups of believers take further steps to live out the principles in the book.
If you want to take significant action toward engaging culture, the Journey Guide will help you accomplish this.

Watch City Lights as you pray!
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I was born in north LA county. I grew up loving Los Angeles.

Mission is the Basis for the Bible |

Recently I had the privilege of teaching the first session of the Perspectives course in Yakima, Washington. I love the emphasis in the first lesson that our God is a missionary God! One of the quotes in the material for the first session is from Dr. Ralph Winter, founder of the US Center for World Mission:

Go. Be. Do. (2014) | missional

Where do you intend to GO this year? Who do you intend to BE this year?What do you intend to DO this year? As each year begins, our family gathers to reflect on the previous year and to write down our Go+BE+DOs for the coming year.

Last year I had the privilege of writing The Missional Journey with Bob Logan. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I’d like to invite you to download a free excerpt today!

Missional Challenge Quiz - Try it! |

I put together this quiz for students at Adelphia Bible School at the end of a class I taught on the mission of the Church. If you’ve been reading our Missional Challenge blog, you will probably ace this. Give it a try!

Missional Challenge Update - Jan 2014 |

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Join us from March 3rd through 9thas we celebrateRead an E-Book Week!

How to Identify Needs Around You |

A couple of Mormon missionaries knocked on my door tonight. They were eager to engage in spiritual discussion about Jesus Christ. I chose not to enter into a debate with them about the person and work of Christ or the origins of the Mormon church.

Are you prone to complain or do something?