Hugh writes in the introduction: Here’s the deal. People are not looking for doctrine. They’re looking for a God with skin on, a God they can know, speak with, learn from, struggle with, be honest with, get straight answers from, and connect their lives to.

Missional Challenge Quiz - Try it! |

I put together this quiz for students at Adelphia Bible School at the end of a class I taught on the mission of the Church. If you’ve been reading our Missional Challenge blog, you will probably ace this. Give it a try!

For as long as I can remember, I have loved maps. I don’t know why. I’m fascinated by them. I’m not talking about street maps (although I’ve got great memories of driving across the country with our AAA TripTik Travel Planner in my hands and reading all the details to my dad of what was ahead.)

Missional Challenge Update - Jan 2014 |

We provide training, coaching, creative resources, and strategic thinking to see movements of disciples making disciples who make disciples!

So God Made a Farmer |

Whether in the physical world of farming, or in the spiritual dimension of harvesting — it is the Lord of the Harvest who causes the growth.

My friend and colleague, Bob Rasmussen, posted a link to this Man of Peace video on the One Challenge USA webpage on Facebook.

Guest Post by Dr. Dan Riemenschneider

Guest Post by Dr. Dan Riemenschneider

“Seek the flourishing of the city

Today I was part of a conversation where we discussed closing a church.