My friend and colleague, Bob Rasmussen, posted a link to this Man of Peace video on the One Challenge webpage on Facebook.

It’s 31 minutes long – but worth watching. It gives a great perspective on how the gospel is spreading through storytelling in India.
Man of Peace | The Storytellers of Odisha from Man Of Peace on Vimeo.

Here are a few of the principles that you may want to think about:

  • Keeping the message in the church doesn’t connect with people where they live.
  • When you tell people the story of Jesus, they will tell the story to others.
  • After sharing a Bible story, ask people to retell the story you just told them.
  • Ask people to reflect on what they learned from the story you told them.
  • Stories are powerful because they are easily reproducible (contagious).
  • Stories don’t convert people, they are the medium that delivers the gospel.
  • Adapting cultural ways helps the spread of the gospel.
  • Jesus told stories in the common language (heart language) of people.
  • Jesus came not to introduce religion, but to restore relationship with God.
  • You have to start with praying for people.
  • Learn and adapt to the ways of the people you are reaching.
  • Find a Person of Peace.

Check out Man of Peace.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Consider how telling stories about Jesus might impact those in your circles of influence. Which stories would you tell first?