A few years ago when I attended the Lifeworkx training developed by Steve Aldrich, I learned a lot about myself and who God had made me to be. It was a wonderful five-week learning experience and I’m so grateful for Steve’s commitment to creative learning techniques and interactive training. I’m also very grateful for Dave and Debbie who mentored my wife and I through the entire process.

Cultivating Movements |

It’s great to be in Southern California for a new project! I’m launching a Missional Movement Leaders Network this month with the Missionary Church Western Region. The focus of this network is to partner together toward the advancement of disciplemaking and church planting movements.

I received an email this morning from my good friend Phil Peterson asking about resources for a church planting initiative.

Church Planters Need All 3: Coach + Mentor + Supervisor |

I had a great dinner tonight with Brian Howard discussing one of my passions – church planters. I love training and coaching church planters!

Don't Plant a Church! |

I’ve been training and coaching church planters for many years! I really love helping church planters to start new churches. But today I’ve decided to change my message to church planters.

Bryan Wintersteen is a missionary with Church Resource Ministries. After serving five years in Melbourne, Australia, Bryan now lives near Washington DC.

When I planted Lake Hills Church in Castaic, California over 20 years ago, I was invited into a monthly lunch gathering with several church planters. The group included church planters in two denominations: Reformed Church in America (RCA) and the Missionary Church.

If You Are Planting a Church You Need a Coach! |

Coaching is incredibly powerful! Imagine how a church planter would be more effective because someone listened to them, helped them to listen to God, and then asked good questions which enabled them to focus on doing what God wanted them to do next in starting a new church.

Anything worth pursuing isn’t easy. If it was easy, everybody would reach their goals.

Asking questions is a powerful way to help someone discover truth. Great questions can lead someone to change their ways of thinking, or even take actions that will change their lives.