[featured_image]Ed Stetzer noted recently on his blog,
First, if you are planting a church you need a coach (yes, maybe even a paid one). The coach (or mentor) can help planters focus on goals and actions steps related to all 7 issues. I know that may overwhelm you, but you are investing in viability. How much will it cost you personally if the church plant closes? We all know that the cost goes far beyond dollars and cents for all involved. 

Coaching is incredibly powerful! Imagine how a church planter would be more effective because someone listened to them, helped them to listen to God, and then asked good questions which enabled them to focus on doing what God wanted them to do next in starting a new church.

When I planted Lake Hills Church in Castaic, California — Steve Ogne was my coach. I was so grateful for his support, encouragement, and help. Because of Steve’s work in coaching me, I’m now committed to coaching church planters.

Dave DeVries with Eric Loyer, church planter in Toms River, NJ – planting The RemedyChurch

5 Reasons Why Church Planters Need a Coach!
1. Coaches provide accountability. Accountability is necessary and helpful in accomplishing your goals! Accountability ensures the completion of identified action steps.
2. Coaches help you go further faster. Through coaching, you are better aligned with what God wants you to accomplish.
3. Coaches create a safe, learning environment. By asking good questions, coaches focus the conversation on the results you want to achieve.
4. Coaches enable you to stay on track. Church planters need to focus on their own personal growth and character development, and also on the tasks necessary to launch a healthy, externally-focused church.
5. Coaches help you to listen to God and what He wants done. Coaching provides an accurate picture of where you are – and helps you move forward to where you need to be – with support in the journey.

Lesson 98 in
Six-Word Lessons to Discover Missional Living:
Every church planter needs a coach.
If you are planting a church, get a coach right away.

A Christian coach is someone who comes alongside a church planter to navigate the challenges faced in starting out.

Coaches help you to fully live out God’s calling in your life!

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