I received an email this morning from my good friend Phil Peterson asking about resources for a church planting initiative.

I’d appreciate your help. The short-answer is I’m looking for recommended contacts, resources, ideas on church-planting models, criteria for candidates, and whatever else you think would help me coordinate our church-planting initiative.

Here’s my response to Phil with links to this blog. I hope you find it helpful…

3 Characteristics of Reproducing Churches – Work on being a reproducing church, not just developing a plan/process to start new churches.

Church Planters Need All 3: Coach + Mentor + Supervisor – Think through the support you will provide to church planters and what kind of accountability is necessary.

Plant Churches that Plant Churches – Since you are looking at planting multiple churches, they need to ask different questions.

First Multiply Small Groups– Decide the importance of the worship service in the kinds of churches you will plant.

First Make Disciples – If I were planting a church, here’s what I would do differently.

Who Should Plant Churches? – As you put together an application – here are some thoughts to consider first.

Church Planting Insight #1 – Important to consider: “Those you start the church with are not those you grow the church with.”

Missional Living: Lesson #19 – “Leaders must be accountable for disciplemaking.” This is a factor to consider in selecting church planters – have they actually been making any disciples?

Parenting Behaviors: Talk and Pray – If you are going to be a “parent” congregation, you need to work on this one.

12 Month Process to Start New Churches – Here’s what I would recommend that you consider as part of your strategy!

Washington State is 45th in Church Membership and Attendance – What are you ready to do here in Washington?

Missional Movements Checklist – This is a good checklist to get you started.

When to Start Worship Services – Make sure that worship services don’t begin until you have actually baptized new believers and the church planter is making disciples.

How Coaching Benefits Church Planters and If You Are Planting a Church You Need a Coach! – Provide coaching for their church planters!

The Multiplication Cycle™ – This is the process I use to train church planters.

Thoughts on Church Planting – Here are some of my musings…

Don’t Plant a Church! – Here’s another perspective to consider.

What Stops Church Multiplication? – Don’t let this stop you.

Top 20 Books on Church Planting – Read these books!

Your Church Can Multiply – My colleague Dave White identifies 10 steps to multiply churches.

Start Churches by Making Disciples – This is my mantra.

Is Your Church Pregnant or Overweight? – Something for you to evaluate.

Cookie Jars and Church Planters – If the church isn’t already making cookies – they don’t need to start any cookie jars.

7 Elements of Starting Churches – Some questions for you to consider.

Church Planting: START HERE!– This is a good place to start!

Creating a Church Planting Proposal – May help you in understanding the questions to ask church planters in preparing a plan.

Developing a “Birth Plan” to Start New Churches – More good stuff to help you.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Take advantage of the links above to help you form your system and strategy to plant churches that plant churches!