Reaching our nationand the nations among us!”

I am privileged to facilitate the development of the Global Church Planting Network efforts in North America. If you haven’t heard about the GCPN – please explore the GCPN vision and mission. If you are interested in joining the GCPN – please enter your contact information in the comments below.

The rapid multiplication of disciples and churches is God’s work in this world! Yet this is not seen in North America in the same way that it is evidenced in other regions of the world.

Rapid church growth is happening around the world. The rapid multiplication of disciples and churches in one region of China in the mid-1990s reported an increase from three churches to over a hundred churches in three years.

From April 1993 to April 1996, growth among house churches [in one part of China] increased from three churches with less than 100 members to over one hundred churches with over 16,000 members (by the end of 1998 they had grown to over 55,000)

Christians are part of a movement that was started by Jesus Christ! It has impacted the entire world! It’s spreading rapidly throughout the southern hemisphere. Movements exist to bring God glory!

A few weeks back I posted a video of my thoughts on church planting and making cookies. From my perspective, it seems that church planters are often too focused on designing the cookie jars, rather than making really good cookies. If you haven’t already, you should watch the video and read the post: Cookie Jars and Church Planters

On Mission: Church Multiplication Associates |

Church Multiplication Associates (CMA) is a growing and emerging family of churches intent on being alive with Jesus, mutually encouraging and spontaneously reproductive. Here’s how they describe the resources that they provide on their website.

Planting a church doesn’t start with launching worship services in a community. It starts with incarnating the gospel where you live.

Charlie Wear, publisher of Next-Wave, interviewed Neil Cole, author of