[featured_image]A few weeks back I posted a video of my thoughts on church planting and making cookies. From my perspective, it seems that church planters are often too focused on designing the cookie jars, rather than making really good cookies. If you haven’t already, you should watch the video and read the post: Cookie Jars and Church Planters

My friend Annette Eastis and her husband John are actively engaged in reaching out to the emerging generation here in Seattle. They are doing an amazing job of reaching out with the gospel at skate parks. As a result of their efforts, they are making disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

Here is Annette’s perspective on cookie jars and church planters:

Just a note to let you know I really liked your cookie analogy. All that cookie talk made me want a cookie. Not just any cookie, but a homemade one. This got me thinking about the time, effort and cleaning that is involved….and that is only to just mention a few items. That is when I decided I did not want a cookie that bad. :) Sure I could have just jumped up from the break room at work (I was reading my facebook during break time.) and popped up stairs to get the store kind, but you made the homemade sound too delicious.

The whole process from GOing to the market for the ingredients……..to finally reaping the benefits of having cookies in the jar can become laborious in a sense if done only for oneself. My husband loves oatmeal raisin cookies, I hate them. I would never take the time to make those cookies if it were not for the love I have for John. So when I make those awful tasting cookies it is not laborious at all.

Where am I going with this? Maybe for me the cookies are made and I am now in the process of cleaning up the kitchen. Sure when it is all cleaned up and the cookies are in the jar SWEET praise is sent up to heaven. BUT those cookies in the jar are sensitive to air and temperature BIG time. And that is why maybe many don’t want to go the homemade route more than just do the GOing part. You see those store bought cookies you mentioned. They have preservatives in them. They can last past their due date! They are in packages that have been engineered to prevent them from sticking to each other so when you reach in that package to get one you only get ONE! Homemade you my reach in and get two or three (And no – at those times I don’t think that is the Holy Spirit telling you that you should eat all three! It is called humidity and butter!!!).

I have the joy getting to GO, make and look at those incredible cookies. But I tell you there is mess in the making of the cookies, and then, like I said, there is mess in that cookie jar happening as they work them darn evil raisins out of their lives. :) For me, it is more of keeping the preservatives out of my life so that I can see when a crummy raisin invades my world.

Keep posting your blogs…………most people are probably like me and don’t respond…….but we are reading……..learning and growing.
Because He lives!


Here are some additional comments from the original post:

“My favorite cookies are oatmeal raison. Like the illustration. Thanks for the challenge.” – Phil P.

“No doubt one of the best analogies I have hear in a long, long time. I loved the simplicity of this. Thanks Bro!” – Mike V.

“@ Freedom we love making cookies and encourage everyone to. Don’t care too much for hard stale cookies, just fresh out of the oven:)” – Chuck P.

“Great metaphor Dave. Dead on!!” – Dan M.

“I enjoyed your cookie jar illustration. Right on. As you know I am working on the denominational level leading the discipleship team. One of my concerns is that pastors are not personally and intentionally involved in making disciples.” – Mike L.

“So true, Dave. Tons of great jar plans provided to us; not enough baking experience passed along.” – Eric L.

“You have hit a home run with this one. Lets see how many are hearing. Go DEEP and don’t go back!” – John E.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Keep making cookies – really good ones!