[featured_image]Rick Warren interviews Ying Kai about how they realized that traditional methods were not going to work.

Ying shares how they came to develop the T4T approach. If you are not familiar with T4T – read about this Disciplemaking Approach or check out http://t4tonline.org/. Also read the book T4T (Kindle edition).

Rick shares –
If you want the blessing of God on your life you must care about what God cares about most. And what God cares about most is He wants His lost children found. Nothing matters more….I want to introduce you tonight to one of my dearest friends — a hero, an inspiration and a teacher to me. Ying has had a ministry for many, many years in an Asian country and more than any other man, I believe, since the apostle Paul understands the principle of multiplication and the principle of reproduction and has modeled it for the rest of the world. The greatest churches in the world and the greatest movements in the world are not in America….In this movement that he began, in just the first four years they went from two churches to 60,000.

Watch the interview.

Ying shares from his experience –
“We pray and pray and one midnight, just from Jesus’ Great Commission, we find the best strategy is from Jesus already gave to us.”
1. Jesus said GO – we tell people to come. Jesus said GO!
2. Jesus said ALL NATIONS – I choose who to share the gospel with. Jesus said ALL NATIONS.
3. Jesus said DISCIPLES – we make church members. Jesus said MAKE DISCIPLES.

We must teach to obey.

We train every person to become a trainer. They can immediately train other people.

We train every Christian, even new believers. This is different than the traditional way.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Train every believer to train other to follow Jesus!

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