A few years ago when I attended the Lifeworkx training developed by Steve Aldrich, I learned a lot about myself and who God had made me to be. It was a wonderful five-week learning experience and I’m so grateful for Steve’s commitment to creative learning techniques and interactive training. I’m also very grateful for Dave and Debbie who mentored my wife and I through the entire process.

If you want to see the intentional development of leaders within your ministry or organization, leadership development has to start with you!

3 Step Strategic Planning Process |

If you are going to successfully plan for the future, there are three things you need to know.
Where you are now (here)
Where you are going (there)
How to get there from here

A few years ago I had the marvelous opportunity to train leaders in southern France. I spent a week at Chateau de Saint Albain. It was so beautiful. I loved running through the countryside in the early mornings past the vineyards!

Many church planters and pastors struggle with maintaining a healthy work ethic, especially when they are the only “employee” of the church and their board or supervisor provides minimal supervision.

Good Leaders Are Always Learning |

This picture inspired this blog post — note the phrase at the top: “Good divers are always learning.”

What does it take to be a great coach?

There are multiple ways up the wall, each with increasing challenge and difficulty. From the top you can see spectacular views of the surrounding city.

I have long understood that leadership is influence.

Don't Plant a Church! |

I’ve been training and coaching church planters for many years! I really love helping church planters to start new churches. But today I’ve decided to change my message to church planters.