My friend Lonnie Pacelli developed The Amazon Shorts Leadership Made Simple Series to provide easy to understand, prescriptive advice for anyone who is put in a position to lead others.

Identifying the ingredients of an enduring leadership culture will enable churches to sustain significant growth through an expanding leadership base.

One of the greatest needs for church planters is more and better leaders. The reality is that you will never be able to recruit enough leaders. There must be a commitment to the continual and intentional development of leaders.

One of the greatest challenges I faced in church planting was the need to develop leaders around me.

One of my tendencies as a church planter was to assume that because I was the leader, my responsibility was to lead…everything. More than just wanting to be in control of what happened next, I sensed it was my duty and obligation to lead everything that we were doing.

Unfortunately, seminary didn’t prepare me for the task of developing and leading leaders.