My grandfather had a great love for God’s Word. He also had an obsession with numbers. Many years ago he shared with me the “Tree of Life Biblical Knowledge”:

The Bible contains…
3,566,480 letters
810,697 words
31, 175 verses
1,189 chapters
66 books

The longest chapter is the 119th Psalm.

The shortest & middle chapter is the 117th Psalm.

The middle is the 8th of the 118th chapter of Psalms.

The word “and” occurs 46,627 times.

The 37th chapter of Isaiah and the 19th chapter of the second book of Kings are alike.

The longest verse is the 9th of the 8th chapter of Esther.

The shortest is the 35th of the 11th chapter of John.

The 21st verse of the 7th chapter of Ezra is the only one of the entire collection which contains every letter in the alphabet.

The word “Lord” or its equivalent “Jehovah” occurs 7, 698 times in the Old Testament, or to be more exact, the word “Lord” occurs 1,853 times.

The word “God” does not occur in the book of Esther – But there is WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, HOLINESS AND LOVE IN EVERY CHAPTER OF THE ENTIRE BOOK. HALLELUJAH!

I don’t know where my grandfather discovered all this. Since he died before I purchased my first computer (an IBM PC back in 1988), I know that he didn’t use Bible software.

I love the Bible – and more important than all of this is that the Bible is the Word of God! It doesn’t merely contain the Word of God, it is the Word of God! It has the power to change your life! As my dad told me years ago – “This book will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from this book.”