[featured_image]“Reaching our nationand the nations among us!”

The Puget Sound Multiplication Initiative is a collaborative effort of churches, denominations, mission agencies, networks, and non-profit organizations committed to partnering together with the whole Body of Christ to fuel the rapid multiplication of disciples and churches throughout the Puget Sound Region to complete the Great Commission.

Following aspects of the DAWN Strategy, we envision mobilizing the whole body of Christ in the whole region in a determined effort to complete the Great Commission by working towards the goal of providing an evangelical congregation for every town and neighborhood of every class, kind and condition of mankind.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Strategic partnerships established for starting new churches by multiplying disciplemakers.
  • A united regional prayer movement mobilized for citywide transformation.
  • A current, research-based picture of the harvest force/harvest field in this region.
  • Continued training and mobilization provided by an annual regional conference and ongoing neighborhood consultations.
  • Simple training available on disciplemaking, intercession, church planting, leadership development and coaching, church health, and missional living.
  • Every church is externally focused on reaching its surrounding neighborhood with the gospel.
  • The making of disciples of all peoples in the region.

Initiative Values

  • God Dependency—we are Spirit led
  • Great Commission Motivation—we “go and make disciples”
  • Kingdom Partnership—we work with the whole Body of Christ
  • Cultural Engagement—we live authentically in our community
  • Multiplication Paradigms—we help healthy things reproduce
  • Ministry by Team—we value diverse gifts equally

Discovery and Research

A research project of evangelical churches and church planting activity throughout the Puget Sound Area. Both the harvest force and harvest field must be researched to discern what God is doing and what God is calling His Church to do to multiply disciples and churches all over the region.


Prayer is both fundamental and foundational to movements. Where prayers focus, power falls! A prayer movement must undergird our efforts. Not only will we establish a prayer base – but we will mobilize prayer teams, prayer networks, prayer vigils, prayer nights, prayer walks, etc!

We invite you to partner with us! We continue to ask the question: “What can we accomplish together that we couldn’t do apart?” If you’d be interested in partnering with us, we invite you to begin by praying for your neighborhood and the people near you who are not followers of Jesus. Contact us to discover more ways to partner together.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Consider how you can partner together with the PSMI – or churches in your area – to see a disciplemaking, reproducing church among all peoples!