Planting a church doesn’t start with launching worship services in a community. It starts with incarnating the gospel where you live.

My friend Neil Tibbott (Church Resource Ministries, Urban Mosaic) introduced me to this approach to starting churches missionallly. (My friend Elijah Hankins created the graphic)

What’s the starting point to plant churches missionally?

The following three phases describe a missional approach to embody the mission and message of Jesus.

1…Submerge::: sharing life where you live

  • Incarnating the Gospel
  • Building Relationships
  • Being “Jesus”
  • Loving your neighbor as yourself

Give the gift of conversation and the gift of gathering!
2…Emerge::: blessing others in your neighborhood

  • Translating the Gospel into the Culture
  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Being “Jesus”
  • Becoming Known publicly

3…Converge::: thriving together

  • Sustaining the mission
  • A recognized presence
  • Reproduction is happening
  • The Light is shining

This may lead some to submerge again!

Check out Neil’s article here.

How could this approach work where you live?