[featured_image]Church Multiplication Associates (CMA) is a growing and emerging family of churches intent on being alive with Jesus, mutually encouraging and spontaneously reproductive. Here’s how they describe the resources that they provide on their website…

CMAResources seeks to identify missional principles and reproducible methods that can propagate in a variety of cultures and contexts. We aim to empower ordinary Christians to accomplish extraordinary works with the powerful gifts given by Jesus. All of our resources are focused to that end.

If you want to plant an organic church, I highly recommend you explore the Organic Church Planters’ Greenhouse developed by my good friends Paul Kaak and Neil Cole. It’s is designed to bring back the organic nature of God’s kingdom and rediscover what a healthy living church ought to be like.

CMA also has a library of Free Articles that are available. A few months ago I contributed a couple of articles that are now posted on their website.

Failing The Mission by Dave DeVries

When Christians fail to love Jesus, one another, and unbelievers simultaneously, the mission is thwarted. One of the contributing causes toward the Church’s failure to fulfill this mission is that Christians are faithful to only one or two of these distinctives. Subtracting even a portion has devastating results. Read more…

A Missional Heart by Dave DeVries

To embody the mission and message of Jesus requires that one’s heart be submitted fully to Jesus. Those things that matter most to Jesus must matter to us. Therefore, the CROSS, COMMUNITY, and CULTURE must be valued in the heart of every believer. Read more…
I’m grateful for the ways that Neil Cole has impacted my life. I love his commitment to raising leaders and making disciples. I appreciate his love for the Church of Jesus Christ and his desire to see disciples making disciples.

I’m also grateful for Neil’s endorsement of my book Six-Word Lessons to Discover Missional Living. Here’s what he writes:

God spoke the world into existence in only 6 days with a few words. Jesus saved the world uttering only a few things. Can we change the world with six words or less? Dave DeVries gives it a try. Learning to speak in a concise and yet meaningful manner is a developing art form. In the day of twitter and facebook we are all learning how to say something important in 140 characters or less. The wisdom shared in this book took a whole lot longer to learn than it takes to read, so take advantage of this book!

Lesson 15 is one that I learned from Neil: Reproduce disciples to the 4th generation.

Neil has said, “Don’t call it multiplication until it reaches the fourth generation.” Anything prior to that is addition. Unless those whom you are discipling are actually discipling others who are making disciples, you are not multiplying.

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Today’s Missional Challenge

Reproduce disciples to the 4th generation: make disciples who make disciples who make disciples!

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