Efforts to start new churches are fueled by a godly vision that focuses on living and proclaiming the gospel message to every man, woman and child in a specific geographic area so that they may come to know and believe in Jesus Christ.

If God has given you a vision to start a new church that will extend His kingdom, it is important to articulate the essential components of your vision and strategy by addressing the following questions. Praying through these questions and discovering the answers will assist other in identifying ways that to partner together with you to fulfill the Great Commission.
1. Vision
– What is your vision? (include your mission statement, core values, purpose, goals, etc.)

2. Personal Background
– What has brought you to plant a church and what uniquely qualifies you to lead this church plant?

3. Team
– Who is planting this church with you and what are their roles and unique contributions?

4. Ministry Focus Group
– Who are you specifically trying to reach with the gospel? (demographics – geographically, economically, spiritually, socially, etc.) And specifically, who are you most likely to reach?

5. Strategy
– How do you plan to reach people for Christ, to accomplish your vision, to establish a church?

6. Timeline
– What has already happened and what will be happening over the next 18 months?

7. Funding
– What will it cost and where will the funds come from?