[featured_image]I developed this list of action steps five years as part of my doctoral studies at Bakke Graduate University. My focus is helping to fuel movements that transform America.

If you want to see Missional Movements, here is a list you may want to consider!

1) Prayer for the harvest force is initiated.

2) Vision is focused outward on the harvest. (not inward on members)

3) Leadership farms systems are being developed in every church.

4) Training is ongoing and taking place in the harvest.

5) Credentials evaluate calling, character, competency, and compassion, not just education.

6) Evangelism is understood as starting spiritual conversations that lead to gospel proclamation.

7) Community is experienced beyond the walls of the church.

8) Coaching is provided for pastors and missional leaders.

9) Funding is not seen as the limiting factor and alternative sources for funding are discovered in the harvest.

10) Success is measured by missional activities instead of budgets, buildings and attendance.

11) Preaching is focused on transformation and teaching to obey, not content delivery and information.

12) Planning initiates activities in the community rather than on the church campus.

13) Multiplication is happening at every level starting with disciples multiplying disciples.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Utilize this checklist to evaluate your engagement with the mission of Jesus!