[featured_image]Anything worth pursuing isn’t easy. If it was easy, everybody would reach their goals.

Whether you are planting a church, finishing your degree, getting out of debt, making disciples, or even losing weight – you need to do two things from the start: 1) Identify the practical steps necessary to achieve your goal, and 2) Identify the practical support you need to get there!

Earlier this week I taught a teleclass to international leaders from 9 different countries on How to Attain Your ICF ACC Credential. I shared practical steps necessary to achieve their goal by the end of the year. I also shared ways to find the practical support they needed to help them get there. Practical steps and practical support are both critical.

Consider: What practical support do you need to achieve your goals this year?

7 Ideas to Get The Support You Need

1. Identify the support you need to attain your goal or objective.
Don’t go it alone. Find a partner or coach who can encourage your toward your goal. Coaches are skilled in coming alongside a person or group to empower them to fully live out their God-given calling!

2. Write down your plan.
Have a specific plan that will enable you to attain your goal by the end of the year. Know which steps you are working on, and what you need to do to complete that step. Continue to refine your plan. Seek input from others. Discover what’s working and what’s not working and revise your plan. Develop a timeline with clear steps that will move you forward.

3. Post your goal publicly.
Tell as many people as possible that you are working to achieve your goal this year. Let your colleagues and family and friends know that you intend to do it, and why it’s important to you! Announce it to your facebook friends. Post it in your office, your car, your home, your garage, your kitchen – anywhere that people will see it!

4. Evaluate and report on your progress.
Each month, tell the same group of people how you have progressed toward your goal. As you get closer, you may want to report your profess weekly. Keep asking yourself: what progress have I made? what am I learning? what’s the next step? Share frequently with others, tweet, update your facebook status, blog about it, text, or use email!

5. Start or join a small group.
A small group that includes people who are headed in your same direction will help you reach your goal effectively. Your group will be a supportive environment to keep you moving forward, to celebrate your progress, and to learn together in community. If you can’t find a small group to join, why not start one!

6. Anticipate your celebration!
Plan in advance how you will celebrate. Think of the satisfaction you will have at attaining your goal and reward yourself when you are done. Invite others who supported you to join you in the celebration.

7. Recruit a prayer team.
Invite others to pray for you. I have a team of 30 people who pray regularly for me as I pursue my God-given calling. I typically email them once each week to let them know my progress and share my prayer needs for that week. Who can be praying for you? How can you keep them informed of your prayer needs

Now – take a few moments to write down how you will pursue the support you need to attain your goal