[featured_image] Next week is International Coaching Week 2011! Have you ever wondered what makes a great coach?

I received an email today from a participant of CRM’s CORE Coaching Skills Certificate Program in Colorado Springs last May. He shared with me that he’d been reviewing the course notes and was impacted once again by this statement:

“Great coaches create a learning environment of safety, discovery, and small wins that excite and motivate the client to go further.”

What a great insight! Coaches help their clients to go further faster. They understand the importance of coming alongside a person or group to help them discover for themselves the direction they need to head.

Coaches are skilled at creating a learning environment that serves the needs of the person they are coaching. By asking good questions, coaches focus the conversation on the results the client wants to achieve. Then they help to evaluate progress and to celebrate appropriately!

This is particularly important for church planters and church planting teams! Coaches help church planters to…

  • Focus on what’s important, not just what is urgent.
  • Increase their intentionality
  • Take specific actions to move forward
  • Raise awareness of what God is doing in and around them
  • and so much more!

To discover how you can become a great coach, consider attending the CORE Coaching Skills Certificate Program offered by Creative Results Management.