[featured_image]Coaching is a powerful way to help leaders go further faster!

A Christian coach comes alongside you to help you live out God’s calling in your life!

A few weeks ago I was at the Indian Wells Resort for the Missionary Church Western District Conference. The guest speaker was Mac Lake and we enjoyed a great conversation about coaching leaders over dinner by the pool. Afterward, Mac asked me if I’d join him for a short interview on coaching that he’d like to place on his blog. You can see Mac’s post here – or watch the video here.

Every church planter needs a coach.

I love coaching church planters and missional leaders. If you’re looking for a coach, or want to explore how coaching can help you go further faster, visit my coaching website at www.missionalchallenge.com/coaching.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Find a coach to come alongside you to help you to live out God’s calling more fully!