[featured_image]My friend +Hugh Halter‘s new book is free on Kindle today (d-dv.us/1dGDeBF)!

Watch this video about the book.

Hugh writes in the introduction:

Here’s the deal. People are not looking for doctrine. They’re looking for a God with skin on, a God they can know, speak with, learn from, struggle with, be honest with, get straight answers from, and connect their lives to…

This is why I’m writing this book. People need to know what the incarnation of God is. This one “doctrine” must become central because it not only tells you exactly what God is like but also shows you how big a life you get to live. As you understand the incarnation of Jesus, all the false notions about what Christianity is will become clear.

I ordered this book a few weeks ago and have just read a little bit so far — but I think you’ll find it to be helpful. And besides that, it’s FREE on Kindle – d-dv.us/1dGDeBF.