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Sometimes its easier to just complain about things rather than get involved. Be the difference in your world!Towels All Over the Place | missionalchallenge.com

Today after my workout at Golds Gym, as I walked into the men’s locker room it looked like a bunch of junior high boys had been there. The most obvious evidence of disorder was seen in the dozens of used towels all over the place. I stepped over several as I made my way back to my locker and proceeded to undress and head to the shower.

While the towels on the floor bothered me, I’m not one to say anything to anyone. However, as I was getting dressed, someone mentioned to me how inconsiderate people could be. I found myself readily agreeing with him. I thought – “Why don’t people (specifically adult men) show greater personal responsibility? Why don’t they clean up after themselves?”

It was in that moment that I realized I could keep on complaining or I could do something about it. I could ignore the problem or I could do my little part of good.

I decided that I would scoop up a load of towels off the floor and put them with my own towels in the bin. After I did it, I felt good about my decision and headed back for another load.

I know some of you may be thinking – “you didn’t have to do that.” Or, “don’t you know someone gets paid to do that?” Yet in my heart I sensed that I had to do something. You see, long ago I made a commitment to do my part to leave the space I use better than I find it. It didn’t take me but a few moments to leave the locker room a better place.

While nobody made me do this – I had to do this. It’s part of being responsible.

I believe it’s also a part of being a good follower of Christ. Not because I think that’s what Jesus would do, but because I want my love for God and love for my “neighbors” to be evident in the way I live.

I don’t just want to complain about the mess – I want to do something.

What will you do this week to show your love for God and for your neighbor?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Start somewhere. Do your little part of good to someone or somewhere it’s unexpected.