[featured_image]My friend Chris Fukunaga is the pastor of A Village CommunityA Village Community - From Darkness to Light | missionalchallenge.com in Long Beach, California.

He shared this powerful question with me recently:

“Who in your life (or who in this church) if someone else was to ask them, “Who has played an instrumental roll in shaping you as a disciple of Jesus Christ?” would name your name?

Think about your life.

That’s a powerful question.

Who would name your name?

Who are you influencing to follow Jesus as His disciple?

If no one would name your name, what does that say about you?

What needs to change?

When will you start playing an instrumental roll in shaping the lives of those around you as disciples of Jesus?

Today’s Missional Challenge

If you aren’t influencing others to follow Jesus, get started. If you are, start challenging each of them to influence others to follow Jesus!