Here’s a good video to watch to get an understanding of Church Planting Movements – posted by Act Beyond. (youtu.be/DLl5JKK8_oY) – Thanks +Kirk Anderson for sharing this with me.

CPM Principles
Here are a few of the statements that you should really ponder:
“It’s called the Great Commission and we think that if Jesus said it – that should be our goal.”
“We start by desperately asking God where He wants us to go and what He wants us to do.”
“We’ve learned that God has already started working with people, even before we get there.”
“A first step is to walk through villages and neighborhoods asking God to show us these people that He is spiritually stirring.”
“Through conversations we share about God and pray for miracles.”
“Just like the early disciples we hope to meet with groups of people as a way of spreading the news of Jesus as far as possible through their social networks.”

“Then Ask 4 Questions:

  • What does this story tell us about God?
  • What does this story tell us about people?
  • What does it tell us we ought to do?
  • Who am I going to tell what I’ve learned?”

“Teaching doesn’t come from us. We just ask questions. The teaching comes from Scripture and the Holy Spirit. And it’s amazing how much better the Holy Spirit is at teaching than we are.”

“Amazingly, even before they would call themselves believers, they are beginning to obey God in their life because they are asking the question: ‘What does this story tell us we ought to do?'”

“Disciples begin making disciples who make disciples. Churches begin making churches who make churches. And growth begins to happen exponentially just like it occurred in the New Testament.”

“If they have questions, we mostly refer them back to Scripture so they realize they don’t need us, they need God.”

“It’s obedience that keeps it from being shallow.”

“They challenge answers that don’t come from Scripture.”

“Does it work? When groups of believers reproduce to at least four generations, then we consider this a movement of God. And it tends to be self-sustaining with momentum to continue.”
“Over 100 movements are active throughout the world and they are present on every continent.”

“In India there are movements that have reached 14 and 15 generations, including one movement with 4 million baptized believers and at least 80,000 home fellowships.”

Today’s Missional Challenge

Consider how to apply these principles in your part of the world!