[featured_image]Have you ever wanted to write a book?

Seriously, have you ever considered how being a published author could help you expand your influence and platform? I have!A few years ago I wrote a simple book on Missional Living that includes 100 Six-Word Lessons to help you live the mission of Jesus. It’s a great primer for you to share with others. It has a lot of great conversation starters for your small group. If you haven’t seen it yet – check out these endorsements or order it on amazon.com or download it on kindle, ibooks, nook or check it out on smashwords.As a result of writing this book, I found that I was really able to help people by sharing with them the lessons that I was learning. And this prompted me to consider writing more books that could help people in making disciples, planting churches, engaging culture, and developing leaders. However, since in my role as a ministry coach I am naturally asking lots of questions, I decided to write my next series of books focused on powerful questions that will help people to navigate the challenges they face.

Whether you are a coach or not, I’m sure you’ll agree that asking questions is a powerful learning tool. We ask questions every day – for personal reflection and evaluation as well as to discover and learn and raise awareness.

Asking the right questions can change your life.

In my experience as a published author I have seen my credibility grow within my “field.” I think you would too. So I want to encourage you to consider how being a published author would help your credibility, public awareness and your influence to increase.

I am partnering with my friend Brandon Lee to launch this new endeavor called 99 Powerful Questions™. 99PQ helps busy business builders like you become a published author within 90 days. How would you like to be published by next quarter?

I am sure you have a lot of questions. We’ve created a website that explains how it all works — and we also want to offer anyone who signs up now the opportunity to be part of our Founding Authors Program at a great discount.

Here’s how it works: We developed and copyrighted an easy-to-use Author Writing Guide along with our professional coaching program to help you write your book. If that is still overwhelming to you, don’t worry. We have a program where our professional team can write your book for you!

Plus, we have a complete marketing program to promote your book and help you leverage your book to advance your ministry or business!

Also – if you refer anyone who publishes a book with us, we’ll give you $250 for the referral.

If you are interested in talking further about this — just let me know.

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