[featured_image]Have you stopped to take current measurements as you start the new year? This is an incredibly important and valuable thing to do.

I’ve seen a lot of articles and blogs and posts this week about goals, resolutions, and new beginnings. I too believe that the start of the year is a great opportunity to reflect and to commit to new habits, direction, and action steps that will lead you to accomplish more.

Take Measurements Now
In order to evaluate your progress it is important to take accurate measurements at the start.

On January 1 my wife and I pulled out a tape measure and actually took physical measurements of various parts of our body. I measured my waist, chest, arms, thighs and neck. This way as I exercise and focus on strengthening my body during the year I will be able to evaluate my progress. You cannot know how far you’ve advanced toward your goal if you don’t accurately evaluate where you are as you begin. No matter what your goal, it’s important to take measurements now. Do you want to lose weight this year? Then weigh yourself today. That way you’ll know how much you’ve lost. Do you want to eliminate your debt this year? Then take the time to add up all that you owe today. That way you’ll know what to pay off first and see your progress as you pay off each debt. Do you want to grow spiritually this year? Then take an assessment of where you are today spiritually. Then you’ll know what progress you’ve made.A Disciple Assessment (coming soon)

I’m really excited about a new online Disciple Assessment tool that we are developing that will help you assess where you are as a disciple of Jesus. The assessment helps you take a look at eight dimensions of discipleship – and includes not only your own perspective but also the perspective of your mentors, family, friends and those you are discipling. You can learn more at discipleassessment.com. And of course, I’ll post more on the blog when it’s available.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Take measurements today related to each of your goals for 2014. Then you’ll be able to track your progress!