[featured_image]Two questions I try to reflect on every day:

  • What do I need to repent of?
  • What do I need to repeat?

I was first asked these questions over fifteen years ago as our church plant was reflecting on our first seven years of existence. These questions helped our team to face some real issues of our past before we could follow God into our future.

I think it’s easy to move through life without appropriate moments for reflection–especially reflecting on our sin and need for repentance.

Yet we need deep, honest, soul-searching reflection. Not for the sake of judgment, but for the sake of grace and living a transformed life.

One reason this is difficult is because we are afraid of what we will find there. Yet ignoring issues that demand genuine repentance because of fear will not change anything.

Another reason this is difficult is because we don’t really want to repent. Simply asking the question, “What do I need to repent of?” forces me to face the reality that I do need to repent. There’s always something that I need to repent of. And when I’m not ready to repent, asking this question is difficult.

I really love asking the repeat question. It helps me to remember to focus on those things that are positive and need to be continued, even if they are difficult.

As it’s been noted: The Christian life is a long obedience in the same direction. As we follow Jesus, we need to keep doing those things that honor Him–even when it’s difficult.


…what if we trained every disciple of Jesus to not only obey Jesus and keep on doing what He says….

…but what if we also trained every disciple of Jesus to reflect and repent daily of their sin and stop doing things that dishonor God?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Consider taking some time to ask these two questions every day: “What do I need to repeat?” and “What do I need to repent of?”