[featured_image]How often do you reflect on your life, goals, and progress?

I’d like to encourage you to make time for daily reflection. It’s vital to review what’s working, what’s not working, and what could you improve.

On New Year’s Eve we enjoyed a wonderful evening with our next door neighbors. As we enjoyed the fire in our fireplace and worked together on a puzzle, Barb shared with me three questions that her son Joseph asks his boys as he tucks them into bed each night.

I want to share them with you because I believe that they are great questions for personal reflection.

A Rose, a Thorn and a Stem

Here are the three questions:

1. Rose – What was the best part of your day?
2. Thorn – What was the hardest part of your day?
3. Stem – What’s your goal for the next day?

Imagine the insights and learnings you might gain by making these three questions part of your daily routine. And think of how going finishing your day with clarity on your next day will set you up for success.

Why not try it tonight?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Reflect daily to learn and grow and move forward!