[featured_image]I love blogging. I love reading blogs. I hope you do too.

Today is the first day of 2014 and today I’m starting my daily commitment to blogging.

Last year I stopped blogging for several months. I feel that it was a necessary break but now I’m eager to start over.

Previously I blogged 404 straight days. I’m not sure how many days in a row I will be blogging this time. I’m not setting a specific goal. Rather I’m committed myself to a daily routine of posting to my blog. This may mean that some days I post only once – and other days I post multiple times. Either way I will be posting daily.

If I succeed in my daily routine – over this year I will have posted for an entire year. To consider writing a year’s worth of posts seems a little overwhelming. That’s why I’m just committing to posting daily. Daily posts will add up to a year of posts.

What’s Your Daily Routine?
Have you committed yourself to do anything in 2014 every day? (tell us about it in the comments below).

If not, take a moment to consider the direction you are headed this year. Think of the goals that you might want to accomplish. What could you do daily that would help you reach those goals?

Commit to a daily routine that includes a simple step toward your goal.

Maybe you need to set aside time to read your Bible each day. Don’t think about what it will take to read through the Bible this year. Just commit yourself to read One Chapter every day. If you do that every day – you’ll have read 30% of the Bible by the end of the year.

What about your prayer life? Commit to pray for 10 minutes each day. Then put it into your daily routine. If you pray 10 min each day, over the coming year you will have spent over 2 1/2 days in prayer.

Whatever you want to accomplish this year – make it part of your daily routine. Take one simple step forward each day.

If you want to grow spiritually you need to commit yourself to spending time alone with God daily.

As someone observed, “Growth doesn’t happen in a day. It happens daily.”

Today’s Missional Challenge

Commit yourself to a daily habit of reading your Bible and praying every day.