[featured_image]How can church planters help those who want to join in planting a church to get on the same page?

Consider Getting Away to Get it Together!

Recently, I’ve had this conversation with several different church planters. Most of them are not ready to launch a formal membership class. Yet they are eager to gain “buy-in” and ownership of the mission, vision and values.

A few years ago, my friend Steve Ogne and I facilitated a Launch Team Retreat (LTR) for a church planting team that was getting started in Riverside, California. Since then, the church has launched and continues to work toward accomplishing its vision.

LTR Objectives

  • Build Relationships
  • Understand Our Mission
  • Seek God’s Blessing
  • Focus Our Plans

LTR Sessions

  • Ministry Focus Group – who will we reach?
  • Gathering and Simple Evangelism – how will we reach?
  • Raising Leaders – how will we raise leaders?
  • Mobilizing Teams – how will we organize for mission?
  • Ministry Flow Chart – what are the essential ministries?
  • Prayer – how will we mobilize prayer?

If you’d be interested, Steve and I would love to help you facilitate an excellent Launch Team Retreat. Contact Steve at www.steveogne.org for more information.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Take steps to intentionally help your missional team to own the focus of your ministry.