[featured_image]As a missionary in your own zip code, it’s important to understand those in the culture around you. How do you do that? Seek to be a learner.

Just two years ago this weekend, my family and I moved to the Pacific Northwest. I’d grown up in sunny Southern California and lived most of my life within 30 miles of where I was born. I love almost everything about California and enjoyed living there. I took pride in being a Southern California native!

Moving to the Pacific Northwest was quite a transition. Here are a few of the things that I’ve learned…

  • Refer to Interstate 5 as “I5”
    not “THE 5”
  • Don’t carry an umbrella when it rains – and be prepared for rain almost any day
  • If you carry an umbrella, you must be a tourist
  • And – it doesn’t rain as much as they want Californians to think it does
  • Drivers here are more cautious when accessing the freeway
  • Recycling is highly respected
  • 70 degrees means put on shorts
  • Coffee is available at almost every major intersection
  • People are very nice
  • Lots of Sounders FC Fans here
  • Everyone loves being outdoors (R.E.I is their Disneyland)
  • There are more Christians here than you’d think

Pemco Insurance company has created an ad series that helps those in Pemco: Understanding the Culture (part 1) | missionalchallenge.comthe Pacific Northwest to more fully understand those who live in this wonderful place. They’ve done a fantastic job of understanding the culture and identifying the uniqueness of living here.

I totally love listening to their ads on the radio and watching them on tv and youtube.

Watch this video to get an idea of the types of people that live here:

Sandals and Socks Guy

Of course, the commercials are a little bit over the top and stereotypical – but the point that they make is fantastic:

We’re A LOT Like You – a little different.

Here are a few more you may enjoy:

4-Way Stop, You Go. No You Go. No You Go. Guy

Blue Tarp Camper

Ask yourself:
What’s unique about the people who live in the culture around me?

How can I engage them with the message of the gospel?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Create a profile of the people you can relate to that live in the culture around you. Consider how to both demonstrate and share the gospel appropriately with them.

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