[featured_image]Understanding the people that God has called you to reach is a necessary part of the process of engaging in the mission of Jesus!

The people who live in the culture around you are most likely different than those who live around me. They have different values, behaviors, attitudes, and motivations. Their world view and beliefs are unique. Before you can reach them with the hope of the gospel, it is helpful to understand what makes the gospel good news to them.Who Are You Called to Reach? | missionalchallenge.com

Today I completed a week of teaching at Adelphia Bible School on the mission of the Church. We spent part of our time focused on discovering the importance of Exegeting the Culture and Incarnating the Gospel.

I gave each of the students a large Post-It® poster paper and had them draw a map of the geographic area that God has called them to reach.

Then they took another poster and drew pictures of a man, woman and child – and listed the interests, activities, values and motivations of the people who live within their mission field.

Each of the students did an excellent job of keying in on how they might reach those in the culture around them with the gospel.

6 Steps to Know Your Mission Field

1. Draw a Map of Your Community

Include major highways, streets, businesses, schools, parks, natural boundaries, landmarks and where people connect. Add details – residential areas, other churches, where you and your launch team members live, etc.

2. Pray!

Thank God for this area where He has called you and ask God to reveal His love through you to your neighborhood.

3. Evaluate Your Neighborhood

– What different kinds of people live in your area?

– What attracts people to your area as opposed to other nearby options?

– What is different about your area compared to those surrounding/nearby?

4. Draw Your Focus Group

Outline the body of a Man, Woman and Child on your poster paper. Using your creativity, include the unique sociological and anthropological characteristics of those within your Circle. You may choose to include: Interests and Free Time Activities, Values & Beliefs, Hopes and Dreams, Careers & Jobs, Personal & Community Interests

5. Circle three indicators that show that they are “not far from God.” (Acts 17:27)

6. Write a one paragraph description of those you are called to serve.