What steps will you take to ensure that action plans and learnings from a training event will actually be implemented?

It’s been noted that training followed by ongoing coaching is 300% more effective! Wow!

How Will You Follow-Up Training Events?

Personal Coaching
Assign a qualified coach to each participant for 1-on-1 follow-up for six sessions immediately following training.

Learning Clusters
Peer facilitated clusters meeting 90 minutes for 6 to 8 sessions following the training event will increase commitment and follow-through on action plans.

Training Cohorts
Ongoing training and support delivered to a group of participants will accelerate performance and provide accountability. Consider 6 to 8 sessions (webinar and teleconference are great options for distance learning).

Coaching Triads
Groups of 3 participants who meet together for six months following the training event to coach each other toward implementation (each participant coaches another for 30 minutes).

If you intend to train elders, small group leaders, pastors, church planters, or disciplemakers, don’t assume that the training event is effective because they liked the training or the content was good. Evaluate specific outcomes. Then, follow up appropriately.

Practical Follow-Up Ideas

1. Attending a conference with your staff?
Meet together for three sessions following the conference to discuss learnings, identify specific action steps, and report on progress.

2. Enrolled in a training event by yourself?
Find a coach who will work with you for 3-6 sessions following the training to focus on your action steps.

3. Offering training to your staff or team?
Invest as many hours in the follow-up as you did in the training event. If you spend 6 hours in the training sessions, follow-up with 6 hours of a Learning Cluster or Training Cohort.

4. Designing a training program?
Provide 6-8 sessions in a Coaching Triad or Training Cohort to all participants as an added benefit. You could even make this a requirement to complete the training program.

The success of your training event is not based on the effective delivery of content or an excellent training experience. Success is measured by the effective implementation of the training principles and concepts by those who attended the training.

Training without accomplishing significant and relevant action steps is a waste of resources.

What steps will you take to maximize your next training opportunity?

How will you effectively follow-up?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Never train someone without specific evaluation and intentional follow-up.

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