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I just completed three days of training pastors and church planters with Ken Priddy in Charlotte, NC through The Multiplication Workshop. The training was built around The Multiplication Cycle™and emphasized the importance of starting churches by making disciples.

At the end of each day of training, I gave the participants time to reflect on two questions:

1. What useful insights or learning did you have today?
2. How will you implement your learning in your ministry context?

Training must lead to action. That’s the measure of training effectiveness.

Over the past decades I have attended many training workshops and conferences. Unfortunately, many of these events had absolutely no impact on my life or ministry because I failed to put the training into action.

Training Requires Action

The purpose of training is to equip for action. If I train leaders who never implement anything following the training, have I really trained anyone?

It’s easy to assume that someone is trained because they attended a training. However, only those who act on the training can there be evidence of what training they received.

At the end of the workshop, I asked this question:

How will you implement your learning in your ministry context?

Here are some of the responses I received:

“I will increase my personal efforts in disciplemaking.”

“Pray…pray…pray…for Persons of Peace.”

“By beginning to train others immediately.”

“Train leaders to exegete the culture.”

“Find a coach.”

Training requires action. My hope is that they follow through on these action steps. (And of course, coaching helps.)

Today’s Missional Challenge

Always emphasize on action steps following training activities.