[featured_image]Jesus started a disciplemaking movement. He made disciples who made disciples who made disciples. Will you join the movement?

Over the past several years, my passion for disciplemaking and disciplemaking movements continues to grow. About eighteen months ago we launched our Missional Challenge team to focus on advancing disciplemaking movements globally!

We train, we coach, we strategize, and develop resources for one purpose – seeing every believer engaged in the mission of Jesus to make disciples who make disciples!

For the month of September 2014, I am focusing all my blog posts on this main focus:
Advancing Disciplemaking Movements!

If you are interested in joining one of our training events this fall and participating in a disciplemaking cohort, I’d encourage you to check out yesterday’s post: Start Multiplying Disciples.

Today, I’m sharing the best of my thoughts on disciplemaking from this blog (measured by 1000+ page views). If you really are serious about making disciples, here’s where I’d encourage you to start…

16 of My Best Thoughts on Disciplemaking

Church Planting, Disciplemaking and PostIt® Notes – January 27, 2013
Simple process to identify your primary method for Making Disciplemakers and then create a diagram showing how your major ministry activities contribute to multiplying disciples and disciplemakers.

Discovery Bible Study – November 28, 2012
The Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is an effective process for multiplying disciples who make disciples. If you are looking for a simple, transferable method that will lead to loving obedience and spiritual reproduction, I highly recommend you consider starting a Discovery Bible Study.

Immature Christians Need to Grow Up – May 14, 2012
This is a big problem in churches today – immature Christians. Immature Christians are an obstacle to accomplishing Jesus’ mission!

Flossing Teeth and Making Disciples – May 8, 2012
Many Christians approach disciplemaking like I’ve approached flossing my teeth. Helpful but not necessary. Certainly not important enough to make it a habit.

The Multiplication Cycle™– January 3, 2012
What if church planters and their teams focused on making disciples who make disciples first – even before starting worship services? Jesus didn’t train His disciples to start services to make disciples, but rather to make disciples to start churches.

S.O.A.P. Journaling – January 1, 2010
Journaling is an excellent way to both record and process what God has spoken to you. It’s also a useful tool to reflect on and review some of the ‘learnings’ that you have received.

Disciplemaking Strategies: Training for Trainers (T4T) – January 12, 2012
A discipleship revolution emerged in a densely populated corner of Asia as believers faithfully followed Jesus as obedient disciples, passed on the gospel, and discipled others they led to faith. At last count, more than 1.7 million people had been baptized and more than 150,000 churches started.

What is the Gospel Message – October 31, 2010
Recognize that the gospel is the power of God for salvation. Memorize the essence of the gospel so that you can communicate it to others in a way that they understand and may believe.

Measuring Success in Your Church – November 14, 2012
Abandon false proxies as the measure of impact. Focus on increasing the number of obedient disciplemakers!

Discipleship Diagram – January 20, 2011
How can you use this Discipleship Diagram to help others to multiply disciplemakers?

Disciplemaking Strategies: Bible Storying – January 6, 2012
The Bible Storying method is an excellent disciplemaking strategy. It’s based on the reality that “even if people like learning through reading, reading by itself is not the best way to move information from the head to the heart.”

How to Make Disciples – June 15, 2011
Discipleship starts with non-disciples, not Christians. Too often people think discipleship is for new Christians. When Jesus said, “Go and make disciples,” He didn’t mean to find those who are already followers and help them follow better.

For Sale: ’97 Honda Del Sol – $1000 OBO – November 24, 2012
Here’s a major problem in many churches in America. They don’t have a disciplemaking engine that works.

Discipling a Whole Nation – October 28, 2010
Many years ago I was challenged with the vision of Discipling A Whole Nation. I loved the way that vision flowed out of Christ’s final words to His disciples and the breadth of such a simple statement. I thought at the time – “Now that’s a cause that I could give my life to!”

10 Habits of Disciplemakers – December 5, 2012
Each of these habits is necessary to engage fully in making disciples who make disciples.

3 Simple Skills Every Christ Follower Needs – August 8, 2010
Every Christian needs to align with Jesus’ mission. This includes developing personal skills that will result in fulfilling that mission. Watch the video.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Go make disciples who make disciples who make disciples!

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