How will you know that time and resources invested in training staff, elders, small group leaders, pastors or church planters is effective?

As I coached with a church planter today, I got excited about his progress! Over the past several months they’ve completed an Alpha course with several non-beleivers and they are preparing to launch another one next month. They’ve held several preview services and they are planning their move to weekly worship soon. They’ve had a baptism, several prayer walks in the community, and a recent prayer retreat. They’ve also established clear goals and expectations for this fall season!

I had a phone call yesterday with my friend Paul Madson. Paul and I both planted churches in 1990. I was in Castaic, California planting Lake Hills Community Church. Paul was in Peoria, Arizona planting New Life Community Church. Both of us were blessed to be part of the Missionary Church Western District.

I experienced coach mentoring as I began to coach church planters and it helped me focus on developing my competency as a coach.

My friend Larry Barker, Director of Church Planting for BMAA, is committed to training church planting pastors to start churches by making disciples. We’ve partnered together to deliver The Multiplication Workshop 3-day training and he’s now delivering the training via webcam to leaders in the Philippines.

Measuring Impact |

How do you measure the impact of your ministry?

I love training church planters! I love coaching church planters.