[featured_image]I experienced coach mentoring as I began to coach church planters and it helped me focus on developing my competency as a coach.

Now I’m involved in mentoring coaches and the growth I see in their competency as a coach is amazing.

Here are some of the comments I’ve received recently from those that I’ve been mentor coaching:

“Mentor coaching put my coaching wheels back on the track.”

“The availability of a mentor coach and a learning community to help me grow in my coaching ability was invaluable. I highly recommend [mentor coaching]…to anyone who is serious about significantly improving your coaching impact.”

I’ve seen the value of mentor coaching first hand. My mentor coach has helped me to develop greater confidence as I coach. Personally, the benefit of mentor coaching has exceeded my expectations.

I would love the opportunity to provide come alongside you and coach you on your coaching! I am currently leading a cohort and will be launching another one in September 2012. Consider signing up for the EXCEL Coaching Excellence Program sponsored by Creative Results Management that will advance your coaching skills in all 11 ICF Core Coaching Competencies.

SETTING THE FOUNDATIONI Believe In Mentor Coaching | missionalchallenge.com

1. Meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards
2. Establishing the coaching agreement


3. Establishing trust and intimacy with the client
4. Coaching presence


5. Active listening
6. Powerful questioning
7. Direct communication


8. Creating awareness
9. Designing actions
10. Planning and goal setting
11. Managing process and accountability

Today’s Missional Challenge

If you are coaching leaders, find a coach mentor who will support you as you develop your coaching competency! You will be so glad you did.

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